Spark Imagination With Our Short Story Contest!

Sankofa Storybooks Short Story Competition

Theme: African Roots, Global Tales: Our Voices, Our Future

Eligibility: Children between the ages of 6 and 12

1. Originality: Entrants must create an original short story that celebrates African values and culture. Stories can focus on aspects such as family, community, tradition, folklore, or any other theme that reflects the richness of African heritage.
2. Creativity: Judges will be looking for imaginative storytelling that captivates and inspires. Entrants are encouraged to weave elements of fantasy, adventure, or humor into their narratives while staying true to the essence of African culture.
3. Cultural Representation: Stories should authentically portray African customs, traditions, beliefs, and way of life. This includes accurate depictions of diverse cultures across the African continent.
4. Language and Style: Entrants should demonstrate a mastery of language appropriate for their age group. Clear, engaging writing with attention to grammar, punctuation, and storytelling structure will be rewarded.

Submission Guidelines:
• Stories must be written in English.
• Word count should be between 500 to 1000 words.
• Submissions must be typed and submitted electronically.
• Each entrant can submit only one story.
• Along with the story, entrants must provide their name, age, and contact information and parents’ consent form.

1. First Prize: The winning story will be published on the Sankofa Storybooks platform. The author will receive a certificate of achievement, a collection of Sankofa eBooks and $100
2. Second Prize: The runner-up will receive a certificate of achievement, a selection of Sankofa eBooks and $50.
3. Third Prize: The third-place winner will receive a certificate of achievement, a Sankofa eBooks gift pack and $25.

Deadline for Submissions: July 7th 2024

Click here to Submit Your Story

Note: By submitting their stories, entrants grant Sankofa Storybooks the right to publish and promote their work on the Sankofa Storybooks platform, email marketing and associated channels.
All participants will receive certificate of participation.
All applicants must subscribe to our Sankofa Stories and Nursery Rhymes YouTube Channel and follow all social media platforms to complete the submission process.

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